Creaviva_Zentrum Paul Klee/ Bern

Creaviva_Zentrum Paul Klee/ Bern

Zentrum Paul Klee ( in Bern, Switzerland.

The department of education, “Creaviva” (, makes an excellent and inspiring task. Creaviva has created a special video and text for Amag!

But first, let us show you a lost dialogue between Paul Klee and the Angel of Oblivion that Amag! found in the gut of a cow:

Sunrise. Clear space in the forest. Paul Klee is drawing the Angel of Oblivion. The Angel is still in front Klee. Wind in leaves.

Klee:      Don’t move.  

Angel:   The wing itches.

(Klee continues drawing.)

Angel:   Can you scratch my wing?

Klee:      Don’t move.

Angel:    Oh, Paul, it is just a sketch.

(Klee leaves the tools and walks towards the Angel.)

Angel:     Don´t move!!!

(Klee stays still as a statue.)

Klee:        I can not move.

Angel:     Trees are drawing you.

Klee:       You fooled me again.

.The Angel closes its eyes and smiles. Thousand birds migrate from the Angel´s wings.



“Saper vedere – learning to see“
Architecture education programme at the Creaviva Children’s Museum, Berne, Switzerland.

Children and teenagers see the built environment through their own eyes. In a few years, these same young people will be the decision-makers of our society and will need to step up to the planning challenges of the times. The Creaviva Children’s Museum in the Zentrum Paul Klee in Berne is playing its part in enabling children to focus on their living space and environment, become interested in and sensitized towards participating in the development of the built environment.

The Zentrum Paul Klee sets a successful stage for the symbiosis of art and architecture and is an ideal starting point for the architecture education programme, ‘saper vedere – learning to see’. Paul Klee was fascinated by architectural questions and used his artistic freedom to explore their answers, while Renzo Piano, in turn, was inspired by Klee and built a unique structure which gracefully integrates with its environment as a ‘landscape sculpture’. Through the Klee and Piano art and architecture encounter in this education programme, we aim to expand our view of the world, and how we see it.

The ‘saper vedere’ workshops held in our studio enable school going children from middle school level to explore architecture in a creative manner. In the workshops, children and teenagers learn to comprehend the developed environment and to creatively think beyond built space. Participants will be introduced to the elements of form, light, colour and design in a playful way and guided in exploring topics such as ‘building culture’, land use and space planning, and landscaping, by architecture and art education specialists.