Amag! Exhibition at The Basque Country Architecture Institute

Ready and just released. We are super happy with this Retrospective Exhibition of Amag! Our gratitude is immense to all the generous people and organizations who have made possible so much wisdom, reflection and play around architecture. We wish these times were better to have an Amag! party and be able to meet physically. But after eight years of life, we believe that it is a good time to show the world all the work gathered in this time, and as it happens in many stages of existence, take another course towards new adventures!

Cut, break, smash, play and share. Amag! exhibition is a place where you may learn how to interact with space and about the infinite possibilities of turning a sheet of paper into a three-dimensional architectural game.

The magazine has built a huge network of professionals and organizations who work in art and architecture education. From interaction proposals to articles by those professionals. Up to 2020, 84 articles have been published with people from more than 30 countries.

The exhibition will be open until december 5 at The Basque Country Architecture Institute. Welcome!!

Photographs by Mushaus

We like Feedback!!

“With the arts education program, we continue to connect with families through proposals to develop at home.
Days ago, we investigated the structure of the tree and its roots, as a metaphor for the individual, for the home, a symbol of strength, life, resistance and beauty.
The artistic act and the creative process is, in most cases, a restorative and healing act with the capacity to transport us to other kinder realities.”

Nice feedback from Arte y garabato, Vigo, Spain. Article 01- Issue #01: “Roots” by Maushaus

Photographs by Arte y Garabato

I want to be an architect

We are very happy that the first edition of the book “I want to be an architect” by Alberto Campo Baeza, made for Amag, will be extended to different places on the planet.

Thank you very much de-a arhitectura for reminding us!

Here you may find some links:

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