• Universidad Pedagógica Nacional plays with Amag! in Bogotá

    Universidad Pedagógica Nacional plays with Amag! in Bogotá, Colombia.

    Several students playing with the article-game by Arquitectives (Mallorca). Teacher: Consuelo Martín. Photos by Jorge Raedó.  https://a-magazine.org/art-02-framing-the-city/


  • ETRA plays with Amag! in Argentina

    ETRA, infancia y arte moderno plays with Amag! article-games in Buenos Aires, Argentina. Photos by ETRA.

    Article-game by Escuela Espacial (Carlos Tapia), Perú. https://a-magazine.org/art-11-house-of-letters/

    151203 Amag_Escuela Espacial by Etra_01151203 Amag_Escuela Espacial by Etra_02151203 Amag_Escuela Espacial by Etra_03151203 Amag_Escuela Espacial by Etra_06151203 Amag_Escuela Espacial by Etra_08_low151203 Amag_Escuela Espacial by Etra_10_low151203 Amag_Escuela Espacial by Etra_12_low151203 Amag_Escuela Espacial by Etra_14_low


    Article-game by Museum of Design (Hanna Kapanen), Finland. https://a-magazine.org/art-05-the-home-design-the-room-of-your-dreams/

    151218 Amag_Kapanen by Etra_01151218 Amag_Kapanen by Etra_02151218 Amag_Kapanen by Etra_03151218 Amag_Kapanen by Etra_04151218 Amag_Kapanen by Etra_05151218 Amag_Kapanen by Etra_10


    Article-game by Big Kids Magazine (Joanna Pollit, LillieBlue ), Australia. https://a-magazine.org/art-04-theatre-of-shadows/

    151230 Amag_Big Kids by Etra 02_low151230 Amag_Big Kids by Etra 04_low151230 Amag_Big Kids by Etra 05_low151230 Amag_Big Kids by Etra 06_low151230 Amag_Big Kids by Etra 11_low151230 Amag_Big Kids by Etra 13_low151230 Amag_Big Kids by Etra 15_low151230 Amag_Big Kids by Etra 16_low


    Article-game by Peña&Sangalli, Spain. https://a-magazine.org/art-10-a-machine-for-creating-stories-la-maquina-de-inventar-historias-istorioak-asmatzeko-makina/

    151230 Amag_peñaSangalli by Etra_01151230 Amag_peñaSangalli by Etra_02151230 Amag_peñaSangalli by Etra_03151230 Amag_peñaSangalli by Etra_04


    Article-game by Eeva Astala, Finland. https://a-magazine.org/article-02-city-ciudad-kaupunki/

    160105 Amag_Astala by Etra_01160105 Amag_Astala by Etra_02160105 Amag_Astala by Etra_04160105 Amag_Astala by Etra_05160105 Amag_Astala by Etra_06160105 Amag_Astala by Etra_09160105 Amag_Astala by Etra_10160105 Amag_Astala by Etra_12160105 Amag_Astala by Etra_14