Learning at home

RIBA, the Royal Institute of British Architecture creates resources for schools to find new ways to explore the curriculum. They offer their contents to help students understanding the build environment. An so, in the website you may find Mathematical activities to be concious of how they support the creation of the spaces we live in, Geographic & History resources to give contextual knowledge and relate locality, region, nation,… to the world, in natural progression, and also citizens resources to encourage students with their social & spatial environments.

All this lessons is nicely illustrated, well explained to teachers and students in their activity sheets and well designed in order to have a successful experience working stand alone lesson as well as if you work progress in from one to the other. But due to pandemic situation, they created very interesting & easy to follow activities to be done at home. Guided by short videos online, their proposals show us many technics for 3D models, city story telling, concepts about green architecture,… and many more that you will find here:


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