2018 articles” by institutions:

Maushaus (San Sebastian, Spain): _________________________________ The Spirit of the Hive
Arquikids (Barcelona, Spain):  ____________________________________ Fantasy Island
Skolnieks petnieks pilsetnieks (Riga, Latvia): ___________________________ The Space
Atelier WizTongji University  (Shanghai, China) ________________________ Red Surface
IVAM, Institut Valencià d’Art Modern (Valencia, Spain)
Ito Juku, Initiative for Tomorrow’s Opportunities in Architecture (Tokyo, Japan)
Atelier des P’tits Archis  (Paris, France)
Takahiro Kurashima (Tokyo, Japan)
Workshop for Imaginery Architecture (Thessaloniki, Greece)
Ecumene Studio (Egypt)
and more…


“2017 articles” by institutions:

Etra (Buenos Aires, Argentina): ____________________________________ “Insect House”
La Compagnie des Rêves Urbains (Marseille, France) _______________ “Urban Postcard”
El Globus Vermell (Barcelona, Spain)  ______________________________ “Paper Home”
La Casa de Tomasa (Cordoba, Spain) ________________________________ “City Dreamers”
Arquicon (Montevideo, Uruguay) _______________________________  “Scenarios of our Life”
Tamalacà (Sardinia, Italy)  _________________________________  “Urban Space Bubble (USB)”
Arkitente (Bilbao, Spain) ___________________________________________  “Play the City”
Collective Paper Aesthetics (Rotterdam, The Netherlands) ___________  “I love Architecture” 
Papirkontoret (Aarhus, Denmark) ______________________________  “The White City”
Explorarq (Querétaro, Mexico) ____________________________________  “Urbanoscopio”


“2016 articles” by institutions:

Red Solare (Bogotá, Colombia): ________________________________________________ “Jumps!”
Arquitectives (Mallorca, Spain): ________________________________________________ “Framing the City”
ArkDes (Stockholm, Sweden):  __________________________________________________ “The Veggie City”
Fundación AeioTü (Bogotá, Colombia):_______________________________________ “Close, Close your Eyes”
My little architect (Denmark) ____________________________________________________ “Paper Shelter”
Fundación Arteducarte (Quito, Ecuador) ________________________________________ “Sensory Homes”
Arch for Children (Sofia, Bulgaria) ______________________________________________ “A4 Story of a City”
Espacio Construido y Niñez Costarricense (San José, Costa Rica) _____________ “Totem Sculpture of Our City” 
Red OCARA (Sao Paulo, Brasil)_____________________________________________ “Box of Stories” 
Cuartocreciente (Sevilla, Spain)______________________________________________ “The Thinking Hand”
Sapporo Tenjinyama Art Studio & Tetsushi Tomita (Hokkaido, Japan) _____________ “Zigzag Nobile”
De-a arhitectura (Bucarest, Romania) ______________________ “Gingerbread’s Tour through the Neighborhood” 


“2015 video-articles” by institutions:

Amag! : ______________________________________________________________________________________ “Spaces to Hide”
Galería Antonia Puyó + Sandra Montero (Zaragoza, Spain): ___________________________________ “Space to Explore”
KODA Kids (Szczecin, Poland) ___________________________________________________________________ “Corridor of Connections”
Universidad La Salle-Department of Pedagogy + Javier Abad (Madrid, Spain) ____________________ “Reversible Room”
Schhh – A secret club ( Aarhus, Denmark)  _____________________________________________________ “Soundsearchers”
Centro Rayuela + Facultad de Artes, Universidad Nacional de la Plata (Buenos Aires, Argentina) _______ “The Darkroom”
Faculdade de Arquitectura, Universidade do Porto (Porto, Portugal) __________________________ “The Cooking Space” 
La Casa + Carolina Estrada (Medellín, Colombia)________________________________________  “A place to see the rainbow”
Annantalo Arts Centre (Helsinki, Finland)_______________________________________________  “Colorfull lanterns for your yard”
Universidad Pedagógica Nacional + Lunarquicos (Bogotá, Colombia)_______________________  “The Balance Room”

*ARQatak & Instituto de Estudios Urbanos UC (Santiago, Chile) ____________ “Up and Down” (*paper article)


“2014 articles” by institutions:

Arkki (Helsinki, Finland): ____________________________________________ “Pop Up Home”
Proces (Belgrade, Serbia): _______________________________ “Wonder Village”
OTIS (Los Angeles, USA): _________________________________________ “Leafy Treehouse Canopy”
Prostorija (Croatia):____________________________________ “2d-3d City!”
Hamada Children’s Museum of Art (Hamada, Japan) _______________  “Jump Up! Animal Box”
Colegio Cafam (Bogota, Colombia) ____________________ “Play Zone for Kids”
Igriva Arhitektura (Ljubljana, Slovenia) _____________________  “Playful Folding Architecture”
eMSA Inicjatywa Edukacyjna (Wroclaw, Poland) ________________________  “Cutout Town”
The Historians of Islamic Art Association (USA) _____________  “Make a Cumba!”
LAVA + Arquitectura minúscula (Valladolid, Spain) ________________________ “Dwellers”
Escuela Espacial (Lima, Perú) _______________________________ “House of Letters”
Prostor oko mene (Zagreb, Croatia) __________________ “The Boundaries of Space around Me”


“2013 articles” by institutions:

Islington Museum (London, UK) + Semisótano Arquitectos:_________ “Your Crawn and Your Kingdom”
Museo Jorge Oteiza (Alzuza, Spain): _________________________ “Walking by sight”
Arkitekturmuseet (Stockholm, Sweden): ______________________ “Geometry and architecture”
Big Kids Magazine (Melbourne, Australia):_____________________ “Theatre of Shadows”
Design Museum (Helsinki, Finland)__________________________ “Home”
ACVic, Centre d´Arts Contemporànies (Vic, Spain)________________ “Map-Making Project”
JAS (Berlin, Germany)___________________________________ “Furniture Design”
Museo Arquitectura Leopoldo Rother (Bogotá, Colombia)___________  “The seasons Oracle”
Museo degli Innocenti (Firenze, Italy)_________________________ “The magic cubes”
Canadian Centre for Architecture (Montreal, Canada)______________ “AEO, Architecture Exploration Origami”
MAXXI (Rome, Italy)____________________________________ “MAXXI Pop Stairs”

*Extra Chistmas 2013!: “Guerrero House” by Jorge Raedó and Fabiola Uribe.

Amag! 2013 book for children

Alberto Campo Baeza (Madrid, Spain): “I want to be an Architect”


“2012” articles by authors:


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