2018 articles” by institutions:

Maushaus (San Sebastian, Spain): __________________________________________________________ “The Spirit of the Hive”
Arquikids (Barcelona, Spain):  ____________________________________________________________ “Fantasy Island”
Skolnieks petnieks pilsetnieks (Riga, Latvia): ____________________________________________________ “The Space”
Atelier WizTongji University  (Shanghai, China) _________________________________________ “Red Surface”
IVAM, Institut Valencià d’Art Modern (Valencia, Spain)  ________________________________________ “IVAM Pocket”
Ito Juku, Initiative for Tomorrow’s Opportunities in Architecture (Tokyo, Japan)_______ “ShukuShaku WakuWaku”
Takahiro Kurashima (Tokyo, Japan)__________________________________________________________ “Build Your Own City”
OOperai (Panama City, Republic of Panama)
Futrinka (Budapest, Hungary)
and more…


“2017 articles” by institutions:

Etra (Buenos Aires, Argentina): ____________________________________ “Insect House”
La Compagnie des Rêves Urbains (Marseille, France) _______________ “Urban Postcard”
El Globus Vermell (Barcelona, Spain)  ______________________________ “Paper Home”
La Casa de Tomasa (Cordoba, Spain) ________________________________ “City Dreamers”
Arquicon (Montevideo, Uruguay) _______________________________  “Scenarios of our Life”
Tamalacà (Sardinia, Italy)  _________________________________  “Urban Space Bubble (USB)”
Arkitente (Bilbao, Spain) ___________________________________________  “Play the City”
Collective Paper Aesthetics (Rotterdam, The Netherlands) ___________  “I love Architecture” 
Papirkontoret (Aarhus, Denmark) ______________________________  “The White City”
Explorarq (Querétaro, Mexico) ____________________________________  “Urbanoscopio”


“2016 articles” by institutions:

Red Solare (Bogotá, Colombia): ________________________________________________ “Jumps!”
Arquitectives (Mallorca, Spain): ________________________________________________ “Framing the City”
ArkDes (Stockholm, Sweden):  __________________________________________________ “The Veggie City”
Fundación AeioTü (Bogotá, Colombia):_______________________________________ “Close, Close your Eyes”
My little architect (Denmark) ____________________________________________________ “Paper Shelter”
Fundación Arteducarte (Quito, Ecuador) ________________________________________ “Sensory Homes”
Arch for Children (Sofia, Bulgaria) ______________________________________________ “A4 Story of a City”
Espacio Construido y Niñez Costarricense (San José, Costa Rica) _____________ “Totem Sculpture of Our City” 
Red OCARA (Sao Paulo, Brasil)_____________________________________________ “Box of Stories” 
Cuartocreciente (Sevilla, Spain)______________________________________________ “The Thinking Hand”
Sapporo Tenjinyama Art Studio & Tetsushi Tomita (Hokkaido, Japan) _____________ “Zigzag Nobile”
De-a arhitectura (Bucarest, Romania) ______________________ “Gingerbread’s Tour through the Neighborhood” 


“2015 video-articles” by institutions:

Amag! : ______________________________________________________________________________________ “Spaces to Hide”
Galería Antonia Puyó + Sandra Montero (Zaragoza, Spain): ___________________________________ “Space to Explore”
KODA Kids (Szczecin, Poland) ___________________________________________________________________ “Corridor of Connections”
Universidad La Salle-Department of Pedagogy + Javier Abad (Madrid, Spain) ____________________ “Reversible Room”
Schhh – A secret club ( Aarhus, Denmark)  _____________________________________________________ “Soundsearchers”
Centro Rayuela + Facultad de Artes, Universidad Nacional de la Plata (Buenos Aires, Argentina) _______ “The Darkroom”
Faculdade de Arquitectura, Universidade do Porto (Porto, Portugal) __________________________ “The Cooking Space” 
La Casa + Carolina Estrada (Medellín, Colombia)________________________________________  “A place to see the rainbow”
Annantalo Arts Centre (Helsinki, Finland)_______________________________________________  “Colorfull lanterns for your yard”
Universidad Pedagógica Nacional + Lunarquicos (Bogotá, Colombia)_______________________  “The Balance Room”

*ARQatak & Instituto de Estudios Urbanos UC (Santiago, Chile) ____________ “Up and Down” (*paper article)


“2014 articles” by institutions:

Arkki (Helsinki, Finland): ____________________________________________ “Pop Up Home”
Proces (Belgrade, Serbia): _______________________________ “Wonder Village”
OTIS (Los Angeles, USA): _________________________________________ “Leafy Treehouse Canopy”
Prostorija (Croatia):____________________________________ “2d-3d City!”
Hamada Children’s Museum of Art (Hamada, Japan) _______________  “Jump Up! Animal Box”
Colegio Cafam (Bogota, Colombia) ____________________ “Play Zone for Kids”
Igriva Arhitektura (Ljubljana, Slovenia) _____________________  “Playful Folding Architecture”
eMSA Inicjatywa Edukacyjna (Wroclaw, Poland) ________________________  “Cutout Town”
The Historians of Islamic Art Association (USA) _____________  “Make a Cumba!”
LAVA + Arquitectura minúscula (Valladolid, Spain) ________________________ “Dwellers”
Escuela Espacial (Lima, Perú) _______________________________ “House of Letters”
Prostor oko mene (Zagreb, Croatia) __________________ “The Boundaries of Space around Me”


“2013 articles” by institutions:

Islington Museum (London, UK) + Semisótano Arquitectos:_________ “Your Crawn and Your Kingdom”
Museo Jorge Oteiza (Alzuza, Spain): _________________________ “Walking by sight”
Arkitekturmuseet (Stockholm, Sweden): ______________________ “Geometry and architecture”
Big Kids Magazine (Melbourne, Australia):_____________________ “Theatre of Shadows”
Design Museum (Helsinki, Finland)__________________________ “Home”
ACVic, Centre d´Arts Contemporànies (Vic, Spain)________________ “Map-Making Project”
JAS (Berlin, Germany)___________________________________ “Furniture Design”
Museo Arquitectura Leopoldo Rother (Bogotá, Colombia)___________  “The seasons Oracle”
Museo degli Innocenti (Firenze, Italy)_________________________ “The magic cubes”
Canadian Centre for Architecture (Montreal, Canada)______________ “AEO, Architecture Exploration Origami”
MAXXI (Rome, Italy)____________________________________ “MAXXI Pop Stairs”

*Extra Chistmas 2013!: “Guerrero House” by Jorge Raedó and Fabiola Uribe.

Amag! 2013 book for children

Alberto Campo Baeza (Madrid, Spain): “I want to be an Architect”


“2012” articles by authors:


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