Amag! at Skidit Festarit_Helsinki, Finland

“Rakennetaan kaupunki!” presented “Amag! Architecture Magazine for Children” at Skidit Festarit_Helsinki (Finland), July 29th 2012. Maria Nordin and Jorge Raedó led the workshop. ,

“Rakennetaan kaupunki! / Building the city!” is a children’s architecture opera premiering in March 2012. Opera performers, set and costume designers are Kaisaniemi Primary School 4th graders. The project is done in collaboration with the Museum of  Finnish Architecture of and is part of the Helsinki World Design Capital year 2012. The new opera production will be in Seinäjoki; Premiere in April 2013.

Lastu School of Architecture and Environmental Culture, Finland

Amag!/Jorge Raedó visited Lastu School of Architecture and Environmental Culture_Lapinlahti, Finland (, May 2012.

Mervi Eskelinen, the director of education, was our guide.

Lastu will spread Amag! in schools of Pohjois-Savo region… and they will create the first article of issue_2013.

Jyväskylän näkövammaisten koulu, Finland

Amag!/Jorge Raedó visited Jyväskyläan näkövammaisten koulu_School for children and young people visually impaired, Jyväskylä, Finland., April 2012.
Outi Lappalainen, specialist on mobility, was our guide. We met with Raija Väisäanen, the principal, and with Anja Pekkarinen
head of dormitories.
Amag is preparing a special article for visually impaired kids, by the film-maker Iván Torres; it will be ready in July 2012.