Stay tuned!

Busy hands, happy brain.

These days we are very busy preparing a very special event, where we will see all the work done during these 8 years of the magazine. We realize the enormous work done thanks to the collaborators and authors of the magazine.

Rising from the ashes Amag! magazine brings us a nice event soon, stay tuned!

Photogrhaphs by Maushaus

Amag! plays in Ludantia!!

Amag! participated in the The 1st International Biennial of Education in Architecture for Children and Young People, Ludantia, that took place in Pontevedra, Spain during the days 10,11 and 12 May. For the event, a special paper issue has been published with three articles of previous issues, so that the schools that visit the exhibition can know and enjoy the magazine. We were lucky to have a space dedicated to Amag! within the Active-Exhibition that was part of the biennial.

Biennial exhibitions will be open until June 17.