ETRA plays with Amag! in Argentina

ETRA, infancia y arte moderno plays with Amag! article-games in Buenos Aires, Argentina. Photos by ETRA.

Article-game by Escuela Espacial (Carlos Tapia), Perú.

Article-game by Museum of Design (Hanna Kapanen), Finland.

Article-game by Big Kids Magazine (Joanna Pollit, LillieBlue ), Australia.

Article-game by Peña&Sangalli, Spain.

Article-game by Eeva Astala, Finland.

Article by Lunárquicos (Bogotá, Colombia) played by themselves.

Article by Lunárquicos. Práctica experimental de arquitectura para niños  (Bogotá) played by themselves in Bogotá and Zipaquirá, Colombia, June-July 2015.

Lunárquicos. Práctica experimental de arquitectura para niños is a project settled at Museo de Arquitectura Leopoldo Rother de la Universidad Nacional de Colombia en Bogotá,  and it is led by Fabiola Uribe, with Juan Sebastián Fonseca, Alejandro Otalora, Daniel Cardenas.

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Beautiful graphics for a beautiful publication from generous people!!! We just received these beautiful books in our mailbox, great!

The authors of our last article of the Issue 03 are croatian architects Tatjana Liktar Elez and Kristina Careva. They are the authors of the architectural handbook for children “The space around me” (croatian: “Prostor oko mene”), published in February 2014, which won the UIA Architecture & Children Golden Cubes at the national level. The theme of the workshop links to the themes  explained in the handbook – interior and exterior – as two parts of the same built environment that surrounds us.