We do like feedback!!

“With the arts education program, we continue to connect with families through proposals to develop at home.
Days ago, we investigated the structure of the tree and its roots, as a metaphor for the individual, for the home, a symbol of strength, life, resistance and beauty.
The artistic act and the creative process is, in most cases, a restorative and healing act with the capacity to transport us to other kinder realities.”

Nice feedback from Arte y garabato, Vigo, Spain. Article 01- Issue #01: “Roots” by Maushaus https://a-magazine.org/article-01-roots-raices-juuret/

Beautiful room

Beautiful feedback from Sevilla by Virginia Navarro from CuartoCreciente.

Workshop for 18-year-old students from the Seville School of Architecture. Starting point: the Amag! article by Hanna Kapanen from Design Museum, Finland. The great contribution: that these new students were guided by university professors belonging to various disciplines (projects, history, drawing, urban planning… )


Shukushaku-wakuwaku :)

We are very proud and happy about this new article from Japan!

Play and enjoy Shukushaku Wakuwaku by Ito Juku, Initiative for Tomorrow’s Opportunities in Architecture (Tokyo, Japan)



See more pictures here:

Photographs by ITO Juku

ETRA plays with Amag! in Argentina

ETRA, infancia y arte moderno plays with Amag! article-games in Buenos Aires, Argentina. Photos by ETRA.

Article-game by Escuela Espacial (Carlos Tapia), Perú. https://a-magazine.org/art-11-house-of-letters/

Article-game by Museum of Design (Hanna Kapanen), Finland. https://a-magazine.org/art-05-the-home-design-the-room-of-your-dreams/

Article-game by Big Kids Magazine (Joanna Pollit, LillieBlue ), Australia. https://a-magazine.org/art-04-theatre-of-shadows/

Article-game by Peña&Sangalli, Spain. https://a-magazine.org/art-10-a-machine-for-creating-stories-la-maquina-de-inventar-historias-istorioak-asmatzeko-makina/

Article-game by Eeva Astala, Finland. https://a-magazine.org/article-02-city-ciudad-kaupunki/