“I want to be an architect” by Alberto Campo Baeza.

“I want to be an architect”, book by Alberto Campo Baeza for children and young people. Drawings by Andrea and Erica Arruti.

Amag! published it (online) into Spanish in December 2014. https://a-magazine.org/book-i-want-to-be-an-architect/, pdf: https://amagazinedotorg.files.wordpress.com/2013/12/quieroserarquitecto1.pdf

Amag! will publish it soon in English. Goooood has translated the book into Chinese! http://www.gooood.hk/gooood-Idea-24.htm

Amag! in Natxitua, Basque Country.


Amag! at Haizeder Eskola, Bizkaia. Kids playing with “Roots” article. The teachers, Fernan ta Loly, began working with Amag! proyect this year; the proyect that links Architecture and School. This is their first work, the new architects creating trees!!

Mila esker!!/Thank you!!/Kiitos!!/Gracias!!


Extra, extra Issue #02 of Amag! “2013” coming soon!!

Amag! 2013 articles (by calendar)

Islington Museum (London, UK)
Museo Jorge Oteiza (Alzuza, Spain)
Arkitekturmuseet (Stockholm, Sweden)
Big Kids Magazine (Melbourne, Australia)
Design Museum (Helsinki, Finland)
DAC (Copenhague, Denmark)
ACVic, Centre d´Arts Contemporànies (Vic, Spain)
Museo Arquitectura Leopoldo Rother (Bogotá, Colombia)
JAS (Berlin, Germany)
Spazio Magazine (Milano, Italy)
Edukacja architektoniczna (Warsaw, Poland)
Creaviva, Paul Klee Centre (Bern, Switzerland)
Arkkitehtuurikeskus (Helsinki, Finland)
ProxectoTerra (Galicia, Spain)
Museo degli Innocenti (Firenze, Italy)
Arc en Rêve (Bordeaux, France)
Canadian Centre for Architecture (Montreal, Canada)
MAXXI (Rome, Italy)
Watermeloncat (Haarlem, Holland)
Lastu (Lapinlahti, Finland)
OTIS (Los Angeles, USA)


Amag! 2013 book for children

Alberto Campo Baeza (Madrid, Spain): “I want to be an Architect”